Related FB posts bashing Mich Liggayu

I have yet to make more posts bashing Mich Liggayu, but in the meantime, I hereby sharing to you the posts I already made on bashing Mich Liggayu including the entire family simply because they are bunch of #whore family. I do not hesitate calling them whores because they whore mainly for fame, money and attention, and they are the kind of family with no sense of etiquette and Filipino values.

Feel free to visit my FB links. Enjoy!

> LiggayuBashing 1

> LiggayuBashing 2

For Mich defenders, seriously, you can no longer make me feel guilty for what I will be posting because your idol Mich Liggayu because #realtalk, she and her entire family is sending bad message to the Filipinos when it comes to handling themselves in the height of one’s suffering and death. They simply have no sense of delicadeza.


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