Review: Mama Chit’s Coffee House


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I have made a commentary on Mama Chit’s Coffee house on my personal and fan page on Facebook, and after creating this blog, let me start posting this coffee house again.

I have known Mama Chit’s after being told about this by one of our colleagues in one of the previous companies I have worked with. I have gone to Zark’s Burger for two times in the same location, which is Eastwood-Libis – one in December 2013 and in February 2014. Zark’s never failed to amaze me with their humongous-pattied burgers, and while their burgers are quite pricey, it is quite affordable, if you are thinking of their cheapest burger they are offering. They are of quarter-pounder (half-pounder, as what others claim) and if you compare Zark’s regular burger to McDonald’s quarter pounder, the latter will end up looking like they’ve cheated their customers. The pattie of McDonald’s quarter pounder is thinner, compared to the pattie of Zark’s cheapest burger, and Zark’s is complete with tomato, lettuce, and cheese, and yet, McDo’s price is higher than in Zarks! King James’ Tomahawk is only a freakin’ Php95 ala carte, while McDo is around Php110 something and that is ala carte.

Now let’s proceed to Mama Chit’s.

HPIM0203HPIM0210  HPIM0204 HPIM0206

I have been hearing about this resto since 2013, it is just that I have found time making their first visit around December 2014, and just like Zarks, they did not fail to amaze me as well. Their regular burger is of quarter-pounder size for Php95.00, while their Cheeseburger is $100.00. They are famous for a plate-sized (or greater than that) family burger for Php600.00, which is not bad especially if you are of group of 6 people sharing the same burger. Another interesting fact — this has been featured on Kris TV on ABS-CBN and since then, more and more people became interested in going to the place to eat. I have not tasted their pasta, though, but as for the fries, well, they frustrated me, because it is like the same kind of fries you munch at McDonalds, just less salty and spicier. I will not have any problems on less-salty fries as long as it is cut thick and lookin’ massive, which Zark’s does it better. Another good thing about Mama Chit’s burgers is their massive, whole-wheat, less-sugar, sesame seed bun which adds class and quality to the burger. I do not like sweetened burger buns, to which I did not like at Zark’s. The less sweet the burger bun is, the better.

HPIM0213 HPIM0212 HPIM0211 HPIM0208 HPIM0207 HPIM0205 HPIM0202 HPIM0201 HPIM0200 HPIM0199 HPIM0198 HPIM0195 HPIM0192 HPIM0191

What is more interesting is the place itself. While it is pretty small to cater huge number of customers, the vintage interior and decorations are what makes the restaurant interesting. I like the retro vibe that Mama Chit’s is giving. They even showcase the metal ads of Salem, Winston and Chesterfield cigarettes as well as Cortal at Farmacia Pamplona. Other decorations to see are the vintage pictures circa 1950s 1960s or 1970s, old-fashioned clothes iron, skull (eeeee! scaryyyy!), big bottle full of old coins, a case of empty vintage coca-cola bottles, a frame full of vintage wine labels, vintage telephone, old-fashioned ice shaver, portraits of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, mini-jukebox. The place is completed with a checkerboard-patterned floor. Johnny Rockets gives the retro-feel, it is just that Mama Chit’s make ’em more complete. Prolly, I prefer Filipino vintage setting.

But there are downsides on the restaurant as well. As you check customer reviews of the said restaurant via Zomato, one customer cited that Mama Chit’s should NOT be called a coffee house since the focus is mainly on burgers, sandwiches and pasta, and that they did not showcased any menu of different coffee variants. One commenter on that review said true as well that the staff are too serious and do not interact with customers that much (which I experienced as well), though, I give props to the owner who is smiles and gives a friendly vibe.

Of course, not all can appreciate the taste of patty. If you are the kind of person who prefer greasier patty, the place is not for you. Likewise, if you prefer less salty patty, the place is not for you as well. For those who are of budget-conscious yet looking for awesome quality food, quality burger, this place is fucking perfect for you. You will not regret visiting the store.

You guys can visit Mama Chit’s Zomato page if you wish to view their menu as well as the rest of the pictures of the restaurant’s exterior and interior.



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