Henares: Don’t have a PC to access the BIR website? ‘Pumunta ka sa Internet cafe.

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From GMA Network:

As the April 15 deadline for income tax filings draws near, the BIR’s Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms) system—meant to facilitate the bureau’s transition to a paperless tax system—has been met with heavy criticism.
The agency acceded to pressure by issuing Memorandum Circular No. 18-2015, which deferred the filing of “No Payment” income tax returns to on or before June 15.
However, among other stringent requirements, the eBIRForms program can only be run on a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or higher. Other operating systems, particularly the older Windows XP or rival Mac OS are unsupported.
In a live interview on Unang Balita, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares brushed off compatibility complaints, saying that the majority of computers run Windows anyway.
“Pumunta na lang siguro sila sa Internet cafe. Kasi ang karamihan (ng tao) ay may Windows,” she said.

Seriously Kim, is that how you respond to the criticism? What if incompatibility issues chronically happens? You are not helping on improving BIR. You are not helping on making the people’s lives easier. You rather give them a major pain in the ass by simply telling them to go to internet cafe.

#IAmNotAmused, ma’am!

You may not be expert when it comes to softwares and stuff. I am, too. Up to know, I still have yet to know about everything on Information Technology, but are the administrators of your website and creators of eBIRForms “professional” enough to be called IT “professional”? How can they be sure that most households, offices and individuals are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10? Support for Windows XP may have been taken away for a year now, but the mere fact that there are households and offices are still using Windows XP (even some internet cafes do!), that should be anticipated. Also, what if there are groups of people who prefer using MacOS than Windows? And what if people are always on-the-go and they want to access things on Android, KindleFire, FireFox, and iOS?

You cannot call an IT “professional” if they lack the ability of anticipation because you cannot always shove what you only have to the people. I certainly know nothing about establishing websites, creating e-forms and networking, and I have yet to know more about computer spare parts, but whatever you do, especially creating websites and webforms, a great deal of critical analysis is required, and considering operating system factors IS included in critical analysis. Again, you cannot always shove to people on what you can only do. You need to go extra mile just for the most people’s needs to be reached. If you keep on insisting “Ay! Pang-Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 lang ang website and webform ko eh!”, now that is katangahan!

What adds to the nonsensicality of the issue is how Kim responded to the criticism. Sending their asses off to internet cafe? What if the internet cafe they go to is also using Windows XP? They might be needing as well to kill themselves before reaching an internet cafe with Windows 7. Henares must have spent her tertiary and post-graduate education at two of the most elite universities in the Philippines but it appears she might have forgotten to develop her critical thinking ability.


One more thing, and before I forget, what if there are groups of people are not so computer-literate? Ang bobo naman ni Henares kung ayan pa, hindi pa niya ma-anticipate. Pardon me for being judgmental but I DON’T think she IS computer literate, and I don’t think she knows wide-range of operating systems of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  She already has overlooked about the importance of critical thinking ability and logic, she might as well not able to enrich her mind with the emerging numbers of operating systems that has been launched in the past 6 years.


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