Shoutouts from an absentee blogger

I have not written anything on my blog since the time I recreated this blog and made my first few posts. My mind was too tired to write anything on my blog due to high volume of chats and calls I have handled on my work, plus, I was too preoccupied with my review schedules every Sunday (too bad, due to documents constraints, I was not able to take Licensure Exam for Teachers last September 27th, MNL time). Another thing, I have been going thru a lot of emotional and mental stresses due to the sudden changes that our campaign had since May 2015, which made some of us hard to cope with. Unreasonably high call/chat volumes, plus shorter manpower. Imagine the stress we have gone thru. This was not the same stress that we experienced prior to May 2015. It even reach to the point that I had myself absent from work on separate ocassions due to fever I experienced. I never catched any fever as high as 39 degress since the time I started to work in a Call Center.
In the meantime, I cannot promise that I will commit to keep on writing on my blog. Aside from work and upcoming second review season for Licensure Exam for teachers next year, I am pre-occupied with Facebooking, playing games such as Plants vs. Zombies 1 and 2, as well as household activities. And speaking of Facebook, I am keeping a Roxy on a Beastmode page on Facebook and started to write my random beastmode rants out there. I guess it was easy for me to post my rants on my FB page and FB personal account than WordPress blogs. Sometimes I felt that all I ever need is in Facebook. Facebook constantly changes so much you can simply turn your FB page/account into your blog. It is just that, all you ever need is patience for you to get more likes for every post you make. The only difference is, when blogging thru WordPress, Blogger or even Tumblr, for as long as there are people who share the same interest thru tags you make, you can get likes more than what you do on Facebook.
Nowadays, for as long as I have more free time, slowly recovering from physical and mental stress, and schedule is less hectic, I will make more blogwrites. I am thinking about writing about AlDub, Maine Mendoza, Alden Richards, Eat Bulaga, Showtime, and some K-pop for those who missed me writing about K-pop. I will also share to you all of my experiences as I am on my road to Licensure Exam for Teachers, which is slated to next year.


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