#RealTalk: I do NOT want Chavit Singson to buy GMA Network’s shares!

Photo courtesy of PEP.ph

Guys, you can read the entire article from PEP.ph as it is too lengthy for me to post.

As much as I do want GMA Network to gain more profit and to earn more, I still do not want Chavit Singson to buy the shares. I do NOT want him to co-own GMA Network because of all the bad reputation has been attached to him. After analyzing what I have read about him, I came up with the conclusion that he is worse than being immoral — he is a sadist, has no regard for animal rights and even human rights. I won’t hesitate to regard him as a sociopath.
I do not want a sociopath to co-own a network. I do not want a psychopath to influence and manipulate the minds of the masses. I think all companies should have excellent moral and social background as qualification for one wants to be a co-owner/share holder and not just having exceptional amounts of cash in the back. Bajillion amounts of money in a bank is useless if, in the first place, the immorality of an investor is on hellish levels.

Side note: I think Manny Pacquiao should avoid this douchbag! The respect that people used to give to Manny Pacquiao is going downward spiral because it seems that he is not contented to anything he has.

He is now a boxer, and at the same time, he is a actor, singer, host, politician, basketball coach. Please…. please… please… STAAAAHHHP!

And since Chavit Singson is on his side, that worsens Pacquiao’s name. Oh, how I wish Manny won’t be as equally sociopath as Chavit.


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