Thoughts from the workstation: Dear customers….

Dear Customers:

I DO NOT think IT IS HARD to check/inspect the item from the time you receive the item, and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check the item right after you receive the item to see any defects or damages. To set your expectations, NO RETAIL COMPANY will give you the chance to return the item for refunds or exchanges greater than 30 days of purchases, and if you let the item stay without checking it, do not expect that your demands will be given consideration by any retail company.

Too bad, you are from the United States. I am from the Philippines. I am a customer too, but as a customer, I also do my part in checking any kind of purchase I make to make sure if the item is okay or not. We both hail from different cultures, but cultural differences does not excuse anyone from being lazy enough to check the item. You guys maybe more busy than I do, but still, NO EXCUSES. It is all about RESPONSIBILITY. It is also our shared responsibility to check the item right away to ensure the quality so that in case of damages or defects, a return can be set up as long as within 30 days of purchase. Aaaaaaaand, it is also our shared responsibility to CHECK RETURN POLICY thru website or calling over the Phone, and if you call, please be open-minded enough of what the agent advises you, especially on some items deemed unreturnable due to reasons such as consummability. If you keep on ranting and impose what you want, do not expect even an iota of patience/tolerance from an agent.

I have more to rant than this. In the meantime, when it comes to returning an item, I guess, this is not too much to ask, right?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from the workstation: Dear customers….

  1. A lot of customers (not all, but a lot) have an unrealistic sense of entitlement, created by years of the ‘customer is always right’ fallacy. It royally pisses me off, even more so when head office back up the customer!


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