APEC Shoutouts

This week is the APEC week and delegates has just arrived around…. started Monday? I seemed to not be aware of my surroundings eh?

To be honest, there is nothing interesting about the event anymore. Was there any change after the last APEC Summit back in 1996 (at the time Fidel Ramos was the President of the Republic of the Philippines)? Nothing was changed, and nothing will get better since Noynoy Aquino is still on his seat. I don’t think it would be rational to call me out “uncaring” and “too fixated about ALDUB and shit”. I DO care about the Philippines and us Filipinos, just that, APEC summit is not anything spectacular. To make things worse, we are onto APEC simply because of the following —- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. I have nothing against these guys, and I will not deny, they are really handsome. Nakaka-nganga talaga sila. Unfortunately, on my end, I don’t think I will go gaga over any guy nowadays. I am over it. I think I no longer see myself as the same typical fangirl who will go nuts and crazy for any male celebrity I will idolize.

This APEC week even ANNOYED people MORE than amazed. Traffic jam on roads has gone worse, especially when MMDA came up with a ‘special lane’ designated for APEC delegates only. If delegates would see this, what would they think about us? I think they will not think positively about this because they are given special treatment while the rest are being made to suffer being stuck in a traffic jam. We already have neverending traffic problem in EDSA since middle of this year and it gone worse because of this. Hindi naman daw fatal eh, ‘di ba Abad?

I am lucky enough I did not go thru the pain of suffering in the middle of traffic but if I do, be prepared! You’ll not wanting to see me going on a beastmode. I have little to no tolerance on heavy traffic jam and while I am as noisy and crazy as fuck, one should understand why I am being nuts about this. It is either we should exercise a great deal of discipline OR traffic must be managed really well.


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