Serves you right, Cebu Pacific!

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Cebu Pacific, do you actually needed to be threatened with a lawsuit by Atty. Raymund Fortun to make your service better?!

Truth to be told: I have never been a jetsetter all my life. In fact, I took a plane flight once again after 30 years of not taking a plane. My first flight? Believe it or not, I was freakin’ TWO YEARS OLD then, but with my parents and on a Philippine Airlines Flight going to Bicol. Anyway, the second flight I took in the last 30 years was going to Boracay together with my parents and my youngest sister — departure from Manila to Kalibo is via Cebu Pacific and Air Asia arriving to Manila from Kalibo. That was my first flight in 30 years, and that was the first flight delay I experienced — on both airlines. When we are about to depart from Manila, the expected departure time is around 3PM PST (Philippine Standard Time) so we were expecting that a CebuPac aircraft should have arrived around 15-to-30 minutes before the departure time. Unfortunately, the aircraft was about to land on Manila during that time and around 3PM we still have not departed. We finally had our seat around 15 minutes past 3PM.

While the topic is Cebu Pacific, I will not also spare Air Asia either. Our expected departure from Kalibo was around 9PM, same standard time. What time did we departed???? 1AM!!!!! Well, the case of Air Asia was understandable, because a couple of hours before our departure, the weather in Boracay and Kalibo was quite bad and it was rainy. Still, it was a delay. A whole lotta’ delay! Nakatulog na lang kami sa kahihintay for a whopping 4 hours.

Going back to the first question, did Cebu Pacific needed to be threated by a lawyer to issue an apology? There have been sooooo many passengers who took Cebu Pacific as airline of choice and complained a lot not only because of delays but for lots of disservice such as to accidental spilling of hot water and inability to apply first aid by one of its flight attendant, baggage scale discrepancies, stealing from a Chinese Passenger done by one of its attendants, and erroneously stopping 8 passengers from leaving due to alleged fake visas only to be verified as genuine by another crew. Kelangan pa ng Cebu Pacific na ma-trashtalk ng mga celebrities gaya nina Ely Buendia at Laureen Uy sa Twitter at Instagram lagi na ngang delayed ang mga flights, rude pa ang mga attendants at ayaw makipag-usap kahit ang supervisor. Napabanta pa si Claudine Barretto na ipapatanggal ang baggage crew dahil hindi maipaliwanag ‘yung regarding sa missing baggage and worst, Claudine and Raymart Santiago got into altercation with Mon Tulfo while the latter is taking a video of the argument between Claudine and the baggage crew.

I am not glorifying Claudine for what she did kasi mali naman ang magpa-terminate ka ng trabahador. However, if a crew did not do anything to provoke Claudine Barretto from saying such, hindi magwawala ng ganun si Claudine.

Pasalamat ang Cebu Pacific, na sa kabila ng privacy violation ng ginawa ng kanilang dalawang flight attendants kay Alden Richards habang natutulog, hindi nag-escalate into more serious matter. I am wondering what has happened to the careers of those two flight attendants in this picture below after being brought to twitterverse by the AlDubForTheBigBoyz.

IMG_20151009_221945_011 IMG_20151009_221929_578

Despite all these controversies, no any kind of apology was issued by Cebu Pacific.

And despite all the shenanigans, nothing has been improved by Cebu Pacific. Delayed flight issues are eternal, and inconvenience and disservice of all sorts are still unresolved. Are there any standards for being a Cebu Pacific employee? Ultimong mga ahente sa Call Center na ina-outsource ng tulad ng United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines etc., sinisisante, eh bakit ‘yung mga hinayupak na mga crew at attendant sa Cebu Pacific patuloy sa  katarantaduhan? In fact, while my case is just mild, I also had a share of bad experience with a certain CebuPac attendant. At that time they were strolling some snacks they are selling to passengers, I tried buying one bag of big Nova chips. Ang mahal pa ng Nova Chips nila for a whopping Php75!!!! (Guys, better buy Nova Chips for less than Php50 at 7-eleven, or simply bring your own food that you can eat before the flight. Their snack prices are unreasonably high) I paid the attendant Php100 and I was made to expect by the attendant to wait for the change. Tang-ina! Naka-landing na ang eroplano sa Kalibo airport hindi pa ako nasuklian ng attendant. Well, its just Php30. Unfortunately, parang sinira mo puri mo sa halagang Php30. Ni hindi man lang naghanap ng paraan ang attendant para masuklian ako. Sheez!

Just because the fare prices are cheaper, doesn’t mean you can cheapen your service to your passengers. For those who cannot understand, wala kayong mambalahura ng pasahero dahil mura ang fare niyo, mga tarantado! May mga nagtatanim na ng bala sa airport, dumadagdag pa ang mga siraulong crew and attendants na gaya niyo. Kaya lalong pumapangit ang airline transport system ng Pilipinas dahil sa mga putang-inang gaya niyo eh.

Expected incoming comment(s), especially from any suspected Cebu Pacific employee:

  • Eh ‘di sa PAL (Philippine Airlines) ka lumipad kung gusto mo on-time lagi ang lipad mo!
  • “Hahahah! Kuda ka man ng kuda lilipad at lilipad ka din with Cebu Pacific!”
  • Che! Ano’ng karapatan ng puritang ito para magkukuda laban sa CebuPac?”
  • Tang-ina mo mag-RoRo ka na lang!”

Sa mga gustong ipaglaban ang Cebu Pacific, putang ina niyo rin! Isang taon! Isang dekada! Isang 13th month pay! Hindi namin utang na loob sa Cebu Pacific ang pagiging mura ang fare nila and hindi namin kelangang tumanaw ng utang na loob! Wala kami dapat itanaw ng utang na loob and in the first place, Cebu Pacific ang MAY UTANG NA LOOB SA AMIN because we passengers and our money is your motherfucking lifeblood, and without us or our money, matagal na kayong non-existent!

Bottomless, PUTANG INA NIYO!

The customer is not always right, but it is our right to be treated RIGHT!

[credits to FashionPulis for the screenshots of those photos above. Kamsahamnida!]


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