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[Note: I initially prepared this blog post as early as April 12, 2015, but due to time constraints and that I was going thru mental and physical stress and experiencing a great deal of writer’s block, so it is only now I have started to complete this.]

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Before having a first taste of their Half-pounder burger as of January 2015, I have been noticing this place whenever I take a jeep getting off to Marikina-Palengke or Marikina-Stop Light. While the place is not that posh by society’s standards, but the ambiance is still great enough for a burger eatery, and whenever I see their place, it is pretty crowded with lots of people going in and out of the place.

That time, I said to myself, I will take time visiting that place after I have visited Zark’s and Mama Chit’s.

And so I finally had my first visit, and ordered their Half-Pounder. Honestly, their half-pounder pattie is just a little larger than the quarter-pounder pattie used at Zark’s, but the taste is as delicious and tasty as Zark’s, and the best thing is…it is GRILLED! Grilled to perfection, and grilling is the most recommended cooking method for a burger instead of frying according to one of my former colleagues who happened to be diet-conscious due to his diabetic condition. If you wish to be educated of the advantages of grilling vs frying, feel free to visit this page:

If you are too-conscious about burgers you are eating, and that you stay away from greasy foods, then this is the place for you alongside Mama Chits.

In less than 10 visits in a year, the following are what I have only eaten at Chef B’s:


> Half-pounder grilled burger
> Regular Grilled Burger with Cheese
> Double Grilled burger with Cheese
> Chicken Sandwich


> Creamy pesto with Grilled Chicken
> Aligue Pasta (the “putok-batok” pasta! Nyahahahah!)


> Burger Steak

Any food of Chef Boyong’s with burger pattie is great-tasting, even their Burger Steak. Of course, their Burger Steak is pricier than what you usually see on carinderias or even Jollibee, but the texture of Chef Boyong’s is MEATIER and TASTIER, and the gravy tastes just right and not too starchy as to that of KFC’s. For pasta’s Aligue Pasta tastes just right (because I do not want foods that are too flavorful), and so is the texture of the cream, but Aligue Pasta should be eaten with caution because Aligue — or crab paste — is rich in cholesterol that is bad for your heart. Kay nga sinabi ko, “putok-batok” pasta, right? Grilled Chicken Creamy Pesto also rocks because the combining flavors of grilled chicken, pesto paste and cream tastes awesome.

The only thing I dislike at Chef Boyong’s is their Chicken Sandwich. I don’t like it when minced chicken, carrots, onion is mixed with a sweetened mayonnaise you can buy at public markets and turned as Chicken Sandwich paste.

My ideal chicken sandwich recipe is as follows (this might be irrelevant, but I would still like to give you an idea):

> The bread itself should not be sweet like Marby’s or McDough’s white breads. I have no problems with the white breads provided that it is as fresh-tasting and lighter-tasted as Pan De Manila’s white bread. Any white bread or whole wheat bread from Gardenia, Pan De Manila or Walter’s.

> Chicken Sandwich mixture
– Mayonnaise of thicker and too creamy in texture such as Lady’s Choice, Best Foods Real Mayonnaise, Nalley or American Maid, as well as Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise.
– Minced red onions.
– A little black pepper powder and salt to taste
– Shredded chicken breast.

> Lettuce

Kaya ‘pag dating sa chicken sandwich, ayoko ng pucho-pucho, lalo na kung pucho-puchong mayonnaise ang gagmitin.

I will look forward to taste their other pastas in the future, just that I only tried Grilled Chicken Creamy Pesto and Aligue Pasta because those appeared to be unique enough for me, as well as their Grilled Chicken with Rice, Hungarian Sausage with Rice, and even their Fichito.

Well, if you want exquisitely tasting food that fits your budget, then this is the perfect place for you. Perfect for those who will be having their team lunch.

You can also visit Chef Boyong’s Zomato page to view their menu as well as the eatery’s interior and exterior.


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