Yo, Elmo! Just a couple of shoutouts to you….

Note: I have made my shoutout on my Facebook page few days ago, before completion of this blogwrite.

Y’all know guys that I am siding with Kapuso for… life. Right? And I ain’t fuckin’ insecure just because Imma’ be makin’ these shoutouts to Elmo after his transfer to Kapamilya network.

So let’s start.

Truth to be told, I hated it when Elmo transferred to Kapamilya network, though there is nothing we can do as to why he transferred since there are no more offers for him on GMA. However, I don’t think GMA never gave him a chance to shine as he was used to be paired with Julie Anne San Jose until he eventually paired with Lauren Young and lastly, with Janine Gutierrez. While the loveteam is not as insanely popular as KathNiel, JuliElmo tandem was getting decent amounts of exposure and this is what I considered the ideal tandem because both of them are talented — specifically music-wise. They may not be both great at dramas but they excel well in music, just that Julie Anne was performing better, and she is achieving more recognitions than Elmo including being an OPM Youth Ambassador. At the height of their tandem, I liked them better than KathNiel because #realtalk, KathNiel both suck at stage performances, and I don’t think they are decent enough in dramas despite all the workshops that ABS-CBN is bragging about.

That was 2013.

Fast-forward to 2015, and it Alden Richards is taking the entertainment industry by storm via ALDUB loveteam and on the same year, on the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year, Elmo has just transferred to ABS-CBN and the latter has plans on team him up with Janella Salvador. Prior to that, he mentioned that he wants to have his musicality mature. Now here is my take regarding “musical maturity”.

Realtalk – If he wants his hiphop musicality to mature, going mainstream is not always a good thing and this may not be highly recommended, but you gotta’ “go underground” and collaborate with some of the most hardcore hiphop artists in the Philippine hiphop scene. Gloc-9 may have his mainstream success, but he does not forget to get in-touch with his underground hiphop roots. While Fliptop and Sunugan/Konektado has been received by the mainstream radar, they were not totally accepted by many. This may not be unimaginable but you have to go thru battle rap just like Eminem, you gotta’ diss and get yo’self dissed, and thus, creativity stimulates further. Hindi man siguro pinagdaanan ng tatay niya ‘yun kaya lang kung pupunta ka sa States, ganun ang environment ng hiphop scene and not just all about bling-bling and shit. Isa pa, kung tunay kang HipHopper, kung tunay kang rapper, humahalimaw ka dapat sa freestyling, hindi lang basta sick flow. Hindi ka dapat nagcho-choke in the event na ‘basagan’ na. Hindi ka dapat putapete sa delivery.

Kung nagpapaka-HipHop siya tapos puro revival, puro ear-candy ang mga nira-rap niya, he betta’ expect na magiging laman siya ng pang-di-diss ng mga nagba-battle rap sa Fliptop at Sunugan, sarguhin na ang dapat sarguhin. Baka ultimong si Abra nga lang hindi niya mapantayan. Kung kikilalanin niyo ang bawat participants ng Fliptop at Sunugan, you will see na mas maraming magaling kay Abra, kahit nagmu-multi pa siya. Lalo pa si Loonie ng StickFiggas, to think na hindi na kinikilala si Loonie na kanang-kamay ni Kiko ng mga Magalona (sabi ni Smugglaz eh!).

He does not need to be decadently hardcore, but at least, hard enough not to be manipulated by the mainstream recording industry. To paraphrase Thomas Leroy in the 2010 movie Black Swan (played by Vincent Cassel), perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence! Very few have it in them. You have to go beyond mainstream’s expectations if he wants to be at his late father’s level, or even surpass him, or Gloc-9.

Sa Kapamilya network, #realtalk, walang respeto sa musika ang putang-inang network iyan. May alam ba sila sa lalim ng mga musika other than pop music? Wala!


5 thoughts on “Yo, Elmo! Just a couple of shoutouts to you….

  1. Actually, pansin ko rin iyan sa Kapamilya network. Anyways, nasira na rin ang musical artistry nina Yeng Constantino at ni KZ Tandingan. Utang na loob, ang chaka na ni KZ ngayon, mapa-TV/pics o sa personal, mukha siyang baklang ewan. Speaking of Yeng, she’s no longer that good, post-Metamorphosis days. I prefer the KZ Tandingan before she had a short bob, same goes with Yeng during her Metamorphosis days.

    I heard that Yeng Constantino became conceited–nag-guest ‘ata siya sa net25, mga ibang makeup artist nga pati mga assistants, hindi niya kaya pinapansin. It shows how ABS-CBN imparts the wrong values, even to its talents with a pure image (well, in other words, wholesome). This account actually came from someone who visited net25.

    Ang image transformation pati ‘yung musical artistry ng isang Kapamilya artist, habang tumatagal, NASISIRA! Kaya siyempre, expect Elmo’s musical artistry to end up crappy.

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    • Hindi naman pangit magpaka-edgy si KZ Tandingan, just that, mas sanay lang ako na feminine looking siya kasi maganda naman siya. Ayoko lang na ginagawa siyang Rihanna. Nakakauta rin eh. As for Yeng Constantino, aaaargh! Napakafrustrating naman iyan. Hindi sa nanlalahat ng Kapamilya artists but walang values na ini-impart ang Kapamilya sa mga artists nila ah, kaya yung supposed to be na maayos ang personality, nagiging douchebag. Right, Enrique Gil?

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