Musings on Cherry Mobile’s Reinvention through the years

Hate to admit it guys, I am one of the people who harbor skepticism on the likes of Cherry Mobile at that time they were initially introduced during the late 2000’s and early 2010’s while some of us favor MyPhone more, although there are people around us screaming skepticisms on any local-branded phones in favor of the likes of Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry etc.

iPhone at that time was not making waves even during 2010 and 2011 because people at that time were into Blackberry mania and only few and truly affluent people own iPhones. During those days, I think I can only see a handful of employees were owning iPhones in our workplace (I was still employed at IBM-Daksh at that time). It was in the year 2012 when people are starting to own iPhones slowly — iPhone 4 perhaps — among Call Center Industry workers. I think I have seen only two handfuls of people owning iPhones at that time I was still at Transcom-Fronterra Verde. It was on my stint at Transcom where I have first seen a Team Leader owning an iPhone and even bringing it inside operations floor. I guess, rules for Team Leaders at Transcom is more lenient than in IBM Daksh, just that the TLs of IBM-Daksh are allowed to bring cellphones inside the operations floor PROVIDED that the phone has NO CAMERA. So yeah, it should be a BASIC PHONE (No wonder, basic phones never die since 2001).

Fast-forward to 2015, and while MyPhone still reigns in terms of quality and durability, Cherry Mobile NEVER fails in reinventing and producing more product lines. Of course, ang dami na naman aangal na mga pasosyal, but believe it or not, Cherry Mobile not only focuses on basic phones, smartphones and tablets and surprisingly, they dare to experiment on producing watch phones, BT Dialers, smart watches, action cameras, and guess what? 2-in-1 convertible laptops of of two models — Alpha Morph and Alpha Shift — at a very affordable price!

Below are the pictures I will be showing you based on the brochures I picked from a Cherry Mobile showroom in SM Megamall:

IMG_20160117_173141 IMG_20160117_173243 IMG_20160117_173250 IMG_20160117_173312 IMG_20160117_173550 IMG_20160117_173617 IMG_20160117_173647 IMG_20160117_173717

With the affordability of the gadgets shown above, you cannot expect the same “monster” specs like the big-player ones like Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, or the never-ending iPhone. You may question the quality of Cherry Mobile, but in the end, nasa gumagamit at nasa nag-iingat iyan ng gamit. If you check Cherry Mobile Flare series phones, hindi lang lumalaban sa specs, lumalaban pa sa battery life. Mind you guys, the highest battery life of a certain Cherry Mobile Flare series phone can go as monstrously high as 4000 mAh, which is the battery life of Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power! Of course, you can see the same battery life on a Samsung smartphone but if you are on a tight-budget but you are after social media activity, selfies, games, movies etc., then you will never go wrong with Cherry Mobile Flare S3 power, and the battery life it has can save your entire day! You do not need to bring the power bank with you, and for as long as you do not leave the WiFi and Bluetooth on and unused, you are good to go! Instead of thinking owning an iPhone one — even the latest iPhone 6plus, you may think on opting for Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power, hindi mo na kelangan ng power bank na lagi mong bitbit kapag malapit nang ma-lowbatt.

A blogger friend of mine even shared her rant about her iPhone 6 and how she is annoyed with its battery life. Once it gets battery full after you charge it, it quickly runs out of batter only after few hours, let’s say, 3 hours, samantalang ang SKK Mobile Lynx ko, maka-abot siya ng 100% (at naka-turn ON pa ang Data Connection niyan, huh!) after 3 hours, nasa 80% pa lang ang battery. Maybe maswerte lang ako because I am in a workplace wherein we can easily sneak the phone inside the operations premises and plug our phones in USB ports of our computers using only USB cable. But, if I left my phone uncharged, my phone is ON, and so is its data connection, it only goes down to just only 80% in 3 hours. Paano pa kaya kung Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power ang phone ko? Take note, 2500 mAh ang battery ng SKK Mobile Lynx ko.

I am not owning any Cherry Mobile, or MyPhone gadget as of the moment. The one I am owning now is SKK Mobile Lynx, and I am pretty satisfied with its performance. In the future, I might think of owning any Cherry Mobile gadget brand, particularly Alpha series convertible laptop. A colleague of mine is owning an Alpha morph convertible from Cherry Mobile, and he is good with it.

You maybe afraid to invest your hard-earned money on some “cheap” phones, but if you check the specifications, check your own lifestyle, as well as how you handle your phone properly, that is the time you rethink of buying a high-end or low-end phone. Again, nasa gumagamit iyan.

Pahabol guys: My mom owns a MyPhone Rio since 2014, and almost two years in the making na sila ng mom ko!


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