Rants at my workstation #1

[Note: These were just randomly ranted back on the 17th of November 2015]

As of this time, I am pissed off with some of our customers who could not accept any kind of explanation, especially when you are working for a retail campaign, and the supplier happens to be a dropshipper. I hate disclosing things but if the supplier of a certain item happens to be the dropshipper, it takes looooong for them to process the order before shipping as the response time of some of the dropshippers are really long, especially if you file a case to them — like status of shipping, return authorizations, cancellations etc.

Not only to some of our customers, but to the unpredictability of the system of our campaign as well as our dropshippers, whom I am pissed off as hell. This makes me contemplate if shall I still continue to serve the company whom the retail company is outsourcing at for up to my 2nd year (I have started working at this Call Center/BPO company since January 2014 and this is so far my 5th CC/BPO company in a span of 7-8 years working in a Call Center/BPO industry). It would worth it if I continue even up to January 2016, but if Imma’ going to have myself bombarded with lots of queue and irate calls especially starting Black Friday onwards, I don’t think I will no longer be able to serve any longer. I have to decide if Imma’ goin’ to quit or not. If January 2016 will be the schedule of our Licensure Exam for Teachers, I have to focus on that one if I want to pass that exam and have teaching as my fallback career. I hate failing that exam simply out of stress. It was such as blessing in disguise that I have not taken my exam last September 27th. Since the time I had my review from April 19th to middle of September, I could not focus on my review because I end up going home and stressed. We have been receiving so much call volume and it took months for the queue to subside. The queue started to rise like fuck as of middle of May due to warehouse issue. As of middle of September, the queue subsided, and we are anticipating spike again starting Black Friday and Cyber-Monday moving forward, because I have went thru that last year, just that the call queue last Christmas season 2014 was not as bad as what we experienced middle of this year simply because of the freakin’ warehouse updates.


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