After a long…long…long…long…break from blogging…

It’s been almost two months since my last post. Anyway, whenever I have my long hiatus from blogging, I would like to extend my apology for not being able to post anything on my WordPress blog. I am sorry guys for leaving you bored. There are a couple of things happened to me since I had my last day at BackOffice Inc. after its bread-and-butter, TigerDirect — the account where I belong — finally pulled out from the company and despite having my service ended there, I was still feeling a great deal of stress which resulted from the mindfucking changes occured on our account since March 2015.

Just to give you an idea, I started working for TigerDirect account at BackOffice Incorporated on January 2014 and since the time I got deployed to production, I have been on a closing shift, and closing shift at that time starts at 3AM Manila Standard Time (4AM or even 5AM due to lack of availability of workstations).

However, after majority of the TigerDirect brick-and-mortar stores have closed, a lot of changes happened, and that includes the deployment of most Retail LOB (acronym of Line-of-business) agents to Credit Card Verification and Dropship Orders Fulfillment LOBs as well as laying off of employees — both outsourced and in-house employees of TigerDirect. So, the new shift start time for closing shifters is 12MN to 9AM Manila time. If you happened to be in an early morning schedule that allows you to sleep during night for the whole year, it would be VERY HARD for you to go back to almost-night shift. Since my shift ends at 9AM then, it would have been very hard for me to catch some sleep. You start to sleep at around 1PM for instance, you will suddenly see yourself waking up 6PM or 7PM, then catch some sleep later, giving you a “choppy” sleep pattern.

If you were in my situation, getting choppy sleep pattern or even short sleep, how would you feel guys?

Another thing that added to my pain was the warehouse issue that TigerDirect had in the middle of May 2015, which led to the delay of all customer orders and lodged a bajillion of calls and chats in the queue, and a month later, I was removed from Chat support and put me on taking calls, which irked me the most because majority of the calls I was getting was so fucked up that I can’t help snapping during the call for numerous times. We have been receiving hundreds of calls in queue since May up to September, then we experienced avail times started early of September up to November, especially when Black Friday started, TigerDirect announced they were bought by PCM Inc., BackOffice laid-off agents again, especially those that got hired starting July, ending their service in January 7th of 2016. Again, TigerDirect did not anticipate things up, and the remaining call volume has gone to a few remaining agents. Started January 7th, we ended up the headcount of 15 agents in Sales, 20 or so in Customer Service, and all those remaining 35 agents (some of them are even going AWOL or absent without notifying) have been receiving end of 50 or less calls waiting. We never experienced avail time until the remaining agents in Sales had their last day in January 27th. Customer Service agents had their last day on the 5th of February.

I was not suppose to apply yet, at least for the whole month because I need more time to regenerate myself from all the shit I got from my previous work. However, my subconscious told me I still need to get a job as soon as possible. I initially tried applying for home-based jobs such as being an Online English tutor but my Mbps of our home broadband was not enough for the likes of 51Talk. I was lacking guts applying for office-based Online English tutors. When I got an initiative to apply, I proceeded first to StellarBPO (though I have applied to the likes of Concentrix or even Teletech) and fortunately, I first got accepted at Stellar for Aussie airline reservations.

[Side Note: Initially I was applying for Communications Assistant. I thought it was still an IP Relay, until lately, our current TL told us that IP Relay Chat was removed by Purple Communications. Now I know why my initial assessment/interview for Communications Assistant was telling the assessor the words I hear from the recording IN VERBATIM AND REAL-TIME. Good thing I did not pass there, especially after finding out that Purple has got the standards that is beyond realistic].

I was actually hesitant to join the Jetstar product specs training last February 8th, because it was so early I might gonna miss out more opportunities to apply to different companies and during that time, I was considering to join 2NDOffice in Mayamot, Antipolo City, Province of Rizal because even if the pay is quite low and I would still be bound on night shift, at least, I do not need to take calls because all I will be doing is to submit the Photoshop-edited photos to the eCommerce clients. Unfortunatly, 2NDOffice constantly making me wait for the results and/or decision, and Jetstar product training is about to start so I had no choice but to grab the opportunity and start being trained by them.

Nilatagan na nga ako ng Job Offer guys, aarte pa ba ako? Start na nga ng training, hahanap pa ba ako ng iba?

Honestly, I no longer wanted to take calls especially from some irate bitches customers, but on the same token, my guts fade when thinking about applying for E-mail or Chat Support for the likes of TaskUs. I dunno. I simply can’t understand the things that creeps on my mind. I could not even have the gall to apply to the likes of MicroSourcing  after learning of their strict background checking. I also even lacking the guts to apply for a teaching job because, what if my demo teaching skills ain’t that enough?

[Side Note: As much as I want to be positive whenever I apply, but since I failed Dish product specs training in Concentrix-Eastwood around Q4 of 2013, that decreased my confidence level in applying because what if, for example, MicroSourcing detects my Concentrix training experience eventhough I did not declare it as once of my experiences?]

When I already started my training at StellarBPO, that was the time 2NDOffice sent me an SMS telling me I failed to make it to their standards. I was like, “Okay, ganyan naman kayo. Paasa? Paantay? Tse! Hindi na ako mag-aapply sa inyo ulit!”

So again, I ended up accepting the offer and start the training, and I am here once again, taking the risk of experiencing yet another difficulty, equal amounts of irate customers, lesser opportunities to browse Google, and possibilities of getting PIP (Performance Improvement Program, which is the toned-down word for Disciplinary Action for not meeting the metrics) because I never got any PIP papers for two whole years in BackOffice Inc. I even have to overcome objections and make a sale as well.

Right, it’s been three weeks since I passed the nesting phase, and now I am experiencing huge volume of calls again and will be receiving more. The good thing is, during our nesting phase (February 29th to March 11th), the call volume we received was relatively low compared to the tenured agents, and still low during our first week of production. I have yet to experience more call volume and more irate passengers since our shift will change to 6AM Manila time next week, but as of the moment, despite the “queueing” feel I am getting, it is not as stressful as what I had back in TigerDirect in BackOffice Inc. Another thing, I am in a morning shift. I am aiming for E-mail and/or Chat support account since I do not want to take calls from those bitches anymore, but hey, this is the dayshift I am into now. Besides, this is the shift I have been longing for, and since I am on a dayshift again, my body system is experiencing normality again. Kumpleto na ang tulog ko at kahit 5 hours lang ang tulog ko, hindi ako kasing-drowsy gaya nung nasa night shift ako. Mas buhay na ang diwa ko, hindi na ako masyado sinasaltik kahit ang iba sa mga calls ko nakaka-saltik din, kumakain na ako sa tamang oras at dahil nakakapag-breakfast ako at nakakapag-kape bago pumasok, masarap pa rin ang pasok ko sa trabaho kahit minsan, nata-trapik ka sa C5.

Well, for now, I am enjoying the perks in being in a dayshift schedule. Just that, I actually do not know until when I will last in Jetstar Reservations-StellarBPO. I am actually working because I want to earn something to send myself to review center again, process my papers for my application for Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers this coming September 2016. Despite experiencing a whole lotta’ demotivation on the last quarter of 2015, my aims in making teaching as my fallback career is still within me. I still wanted to teach. Also, I may not know if, after the nesting, I dunno if I will still meeting the expectations of Jetstar to me, especially when, at one point, I expressed my desire in becoming the part of the training team.

Call me out for being too pessimist, but honestly, with the current state I am into right now at Stellar, chances in becoming the part of training team is still small again.

I am still the same impatient/irate agent that you see, bordering into being condescending on some occasions. However, the negativity I was feeling has now lessened.


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