Post-Nesting musings

[Warning: Blogwrite contains some Tagalog words/expressions]

I am currently celebrating my 4th month in Stellar BPO, it’s just that, I am very happy that I just survived the training and nesting phase in their utilities campaign, Simply Energy. Prior to that, I was turning two months of service for its airline account, Jetstar, from the date of my endorsement to production. While I am not yet a regular employee, I must say, I am happy because it is in Stellar where I experienced having the opportunity to be laterally-transferred, something I never had with the likes of IBM-Daksh or even Transcom.

I grabbed the opportunity of lateral transfer after our TL back in Jetstar announced the opening for Simply Energy account — particularly for its Collections LOB* — because the work schedule is fixed enough that I do not need to worry of my preferred schedule request to be taken away, and realtalk, I am damn tired of the stresses I experienced in Jetstar campaign. While I am quite lucky because I never experienced cancelled flights going to and from Bali-Denpasar due to volcanic eruption (which resulted to a hundred calls waiting everyday, call volume is spiking like hell, that even TLs, QAs or even SMEs have to take calls), but after getting stressed out due to cancelled/delayed flights due to the likes of flooding and thunderstorms in Newcastle, and getting stressed everyday because the influx of calls are getting quicker and quicker, I felt like, I wanna get off. Good thing, I passed the operations interview for Simply Energy Collections.

Truth to be told, the training was kinda’ quick for me to grasp the things I need to learn, from navigating the system, as well as browsing thru our knowledge base because our knowledge base is the most labyrinthine one I’ve ever seen. It even got harder after volunteeing myself to be endorsed to its outbound division. It is my first time making an outbound call (though outbound division is more chill than in inbound), and I am fearing of being interrupted and yelled at, and even if I graduated from nesting, still, I still have more to familiarize at. I am worrying as to how to make my quality score 90% and above starting next week. Nevertheless, I am still happy. Happy, because I no longer have to experience more fucking Extenuating Circumstances due to cancelled flights and leaving passengers little to no option. I, together with my ex-Jetstar wavements for Simply Energy, were fucking happy that we have escaped the skyrocketing-as-fuck call volume due to the likes of “Birthday Sale” as well as MEL-SYD cancelled flights due to severe thunderstorms. I am happy I no longer needed to be called to do an RDOT (Rest Day Overtime) due to call volumes that has spiked like hell. I don’t care if it is triple or quadruple pay, my REST, well-being and of course, my review classes MATTERS. MOST.

How I wished I could have attracted my wavemates in Jetstar to join Simply Energy. What is annoying on some of them is that, some are showing relunctance dahil mag-te-training na naman, may bago ka na naman pakikisamahan, or you have to be put on VTO just to be screened and interviewed which might affect what you might earn on the upcoming salary payout. I understand their relunctance, but they are in a Call Center/BPO industry and that’s the fact. We all have different point-of-views, but I do not understand why they chose to have their asses pained just because of their fear of yet another training for a different account and greater adjustments. Trainings and adjustments to environment NEVER ENDS. In the end, we will all end up having ourselves looking for yet another company and start all over again. That’s the reality.

I hate disclosing things but, around late of April or early in May, Jetstar account is overstaffed, and kesa naman maghanap ng butas at mag-let go ng mga ahenteing hindi DAW nagpe-perform, Jetstar is offering openings from different accounts. Mas maigi na ang malipat ng ibang account, kung ang ending, mas beneficial pa pala ang nasa ibang account.

Ayaw man natin makaltasan sa sahod dahil ma-bi-VTO lang din tayo, kaya lang, kelangan mag-sakripisyo ng kung ano pa man iyan kung ang hanap natin ay kapayapaan. Sabihin man natin sanay na tayo sa queuing, gaya ng matinding queueing sa AT&T, Sprint or Dish, sanay na tayong bumula ang mga bibig natin sa walang humpay na kakakuda sa mga customer, at hindi dapat pinepersonal ang mga tawag, kaya lang, hanggang kelan tayo masasanay?
Lahat ng bagay ay may hangganan.

There are two things in a Call Center/BPO industry: Pagkasanay or Pagkauta.
Just because nauuta ka na, does not mean the said industry is not for you. Call Center/BPO industry has a lot of different avenues, and not all accounts are only AT&T, Sprint, DirecTV, Dish, Google etc.
Lahat tayo ay mauuta din.

#WalangForever, hindi ba naman?

Ma’no naman kung makaltasan ka ng 100 hanggang 200 piso dahil mai-interview ka at mabi-VTO ka, kung ang ending ay mapapayapa ka naman sa bagong account? All of us are aiming to attain peace of mind as we work our asses and earn to make ends meet. Sometimes, we do not need to nearly kill ourselves just to be paid more, because time will come, all of our earnings will end up becoming depleted when we get hospitalized, especially when you got your ass confined in a hospital which will end you up paying millions of fucking bucks.
Lahat tayo ay may binubuhay, kaya lang, hindi ba mas masaya kung makikita ka pang malusog at matiwasay ng mga binubuhay mo habang tumatagal?

* L.O.B – acronym for Line Of Business.


5 thoughts on “Post-Nesting musings

      • Oh, I see. Thank you. πŸ™‚ We used to occupy the 22nd floor around 2012 to 2013, back when I was still in Yell Adworks (now hibu / Tata Consultancy Services – before they transferred to BGC).

        Loved the view from there, especially at night. (By the way, a cousin of mine also works there.) πŸ˜‰

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      • I was wondering kung 23rd and 24th floor lang ang occupied ng Stellar circa 2012 and 2013. Anyway, when you are in 33rd floor — in which 100 Revolving Restaurant is located now — has better view.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm…the 22nd was also occupied by Stellar, though they had some remaining space (about 25% ng buong floor) – so ipinagamit sa Yell Adworks / hibu. πŸ™‚

        Alright, will try to visit that place – I’m currently in Eastwood, albeit sa IBM Plaza nga lang (which is a short walk away). Thank you!

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