GMAAC and APT/Eat Bulaga, would mind to offer an explanation?

credits to for this screenshot

credits to for this screenshot

Note: I am a Kapuso fan, as you all know. Also, eventhough I don’t bother watching any kind of TV shows nowadays out of laziness, laking Eat Bulaga ako simply because the said show does not fail to amaze me on lunchtime. They do not need to resort to cheap antics just to be the talked about and garner ratings.

However, just because I am Kapuso does not mean that I will not call out on either GMA or APT/Eat Bulaga for NOT doing their job well. I am an absolute hater of ABS-CBN for A LOT of reasons, but if GMA Network (and yes, APT Entertainment included) is fucking up, then they need to be chastised.

Last year, I was one of the netizens joined the ALDUB bandwagon and I did not regret joining. I am not a fan of loveteams that much, but ALDUB was refreshing-as-fuck since its rise to fame, no frills, no PDAs, laging may suspense, always pa-simple, but Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza grabbed a lot of endorsements, magazine cover projects, movies, TV appearances like supermonters.

Or, shall I say, they are the supermonster loveteam in Philippine Showbiz? Beat that, hater bitches!

So far, only DongYan and ALDUB are the only loveteams in showbiz that I adore the most. The rest are just, from MEH to upsetting.

Earlier this morning, I came across a FashionPulis article featuring the screenshot of Nora Calderon, asking the EB Twitter Admin the explanation behind the blocking of Team Abroad. Upon reading the speculative comments of some commenters there, I can’t help but feeling frustrated with the behavior of APT Entertainment and Eat Bulaga social media team.

What the fuck is going on with them? While the fans could be unreasonable-as-fuck, it is not right for them to block them on Twitter, particularly Team Abroad. They have contributed A LOT to the increase in sales of GMA Pinoy TV and support on Eat Bulaga on social media accounts. Hindi komo’t tatlong dekada na kayo sa noontime Eat Bulaga and APT, does not mean tatagal pa rin kayo sa industry up to a century. You may have surpassed the airing years of Student Canteen, but doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to be complacent and at the same time, bitchy.

As for Maine Mendoza? Please guys, let her grow. Let her be with GMA-produced shows. Do not confine her in merely hosting jobs in Eat Bulaga kung ayaw ninyong siyang maging susunod na Toni Gonzaga of your lives. Maaaring mabilis naging phenomenal si Maine Mendoza since her TV appearance in July 4, 2015 kumpara kay Toni Gonzaga pero kung patuloy ninyong ibuburo si Maine sa EB for life, hindi niyo siya hahayaang mag-explore, magiging Toni Gonzaga din siya ng buhay ninyo, believe it or not, or it could be WORSE.

Toni Gonzaga was remembered thru her first Sprite commercial. Nothing more, until her transfer to ABS-CBN, and doon bumongga ang career ni Toni.

We, ALDUB fans, are asking for your explanation. Not only from EB team, but GMA team.

APT, to paraphrase one of the commenters of FashionPulis, andun na tayo sa pagiging “blocktimer” ninyo, but it is not right of you na magsariling mundo kayo kasi nakakontrata pa kayo sa GMA. Dati-rati, nakikita ko sa kahit anong shows ng GMA ang mga tulad ni Toni Gonzaga (prior to transfer), Paolo Ballesteros, Ciara Sotto, Pauleen Luna etc. Bakit ngayon, ang mga current hosts ng Eat Bulaga nakapirme na lang sa EB?

Pakikisama. Have you guys heard of that word?

Also, have you heard of the word FREEDOM?


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