My apologies, this page might turn into a rant venue

I am truly sorry for not being able to post anything on this blog for a very long time. Masyado lang ako na-busy sa work and sa FB page ko.

For those who have been following me on my FB page, you already know I have been into trouble with a Kapamilya lunatic troll named Xandro Gomes, and you’ll know what I am talking about, especially when you happened to be frequent visitor of Kapuso Warriors page. I highly recommend you guys to ask the admins of Kapuso Warriors page if you want to know more about Xandro Gomes and the multiple accounts he created simply for the purpose of destroying people who attacked him on Kapuso Warriors page. You can also consult the likes of Agane Fhey Soriano, Emil Sanchez Cruz, Denmark Estremos, Komi, or any LEGIT KAPUSO fan on the said FB page so you can have more idea about him. No need to worry because I will be briefing you of what kind of troll Xandro is, and I will be showing you a lot of screenshots I captured from his pathetic page he has been creating.

Xandro Gomes is known to Kapuso commenters on Kapuso Warriors page as a lunatic troll who posts nothing but senseless trashtalks on anyone that talk sensibly to him. When his ego gets bursted due to a lot of grammatical boo-boos he incurred and logical lapses manifested from his comments, he will attack at anyone thru Facebook PMs and throw insulting words and any other slutshaming, sexist, homophobic attacks. His comments are repetitive as fuck. Repetitive and no-brainer that is why, if you happened to be on my situation, you’ll end up tired of arguing with him, that is why it would be best to attack him using a dummy account or deactivate your account once in a while.


He has the nerve to throw ad hominem rants at you, slutshaming you, calling you pokpok, pakangkang, pagpag, mangmang and on the same token, he even has the nerve to report your account until your account gets disabled. Hindi lang nakakapagod siyang kaaway, nakakatakot siya because masisira lang ang binuo mong FB account for a couple of years sa isa lamang walang kakwenta-kwentang troll.

So yeah, I might turn this blog as a venue to rant my shit against Xandro Gomes and his “multiples”. Maurat na kayo sa maurat but no need to worry, this blog will not be completely a rant venue against that Kapamilya twat because I might be posting things that is outside the network war.

Update: I have created a new page Run! Putapete! Run! — a page dedicated specifically against Xandro Gomes and any other putapete people on FB. I might be creating a blog exclusively named the same page name.


One thought on “My apologies, this page might turn into a rant venue

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