About queenroxzilla

It is been a long time since I have not blogged anything. I have been on a mental stress since 1st quarter of last year as I was still on an adjustment period as it was my first time taking numerous customer chats. Second, I was really busy fixing my papers because I was about to take some post-graduate few units of education-related subjects. Continuing Professional Education, or Post-Baccalaureate in Teacher Education. I want teaching as my fall-back career when I could no longer work in Call Center Industry. I think I cannot spend my whole life working in Call Center, especially when we talk about health. Besides, completing 8 hours of sleep still cannot make your life normal when you are nocturnal-by-choice-or-force. So I have since started taking Continuing Professional Education at Marikina Polytechnic College middle of last year (which I was supposed to take it at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, until I ended up taking it at Marikina Polytechnic College because seriously, there is a whole lotta' inconsistencies in post-graduate application, that you will end up surprised that you need to pay Php750 for psychological exam that is beyond your knowledge). I have been proud PUPian, but my experience in Marikina Polytechnic College is relatively great. Right now, my CPE is about to end, so in few months time, I will be taking my Licensure Exam for Teachers and if I still can, Civil Service Exam. I want to achieve something that I could be proud of. Something that could make my resume better. Something that what I can call a CAREER, and while I am grateful for my 7-year stint in Call Center Industry, people around me suddenly make me realize that there is little to no-career growth in Call Center and worse, it is not a career at all. Worse, there is no retirement benefits in Call Center industry. I do not want to grow old, retiring, and penniless. I want to retire and seeing the fruits of my labor, enjoying what I have worked for. I simply want my braincells be brought back to life again, because they are slowly being burned as I force myself to be nocturnal. I am towarding to mid-30s and still single, and still staying happy. After all, it should be ME who should be DICTATING MYSELF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY, NOT THE SOCIETY. I think I cannot start teaching within this year, but I am still looking forward to it, and I am targeting tertiary education. Lastly, for those who has long forgotten me, I am RoxyIsFerox. I am resurfacing now as Roxzilla. I am not just a queen. I AM a BEAST.

All about #XandroGomes…

For those who have been wandering around Kapuso Warriors page, you have already known who Xandro Gomes is. I initially wrote, apologising to you guys that my blog might turn into a rant venue against Xandro Gomes for the sake of the safety of my real FB account, my FB pages here and here, because even if my FB account and pages are NOT fake, and I do not create FB accounts and pages to troll, Xandro Gomes and his “multiples” might be out there to do the power report of my account and pages and get banned from FB.
Mapupunta sa wala lahat ang mga “pinaghirapan” kong i-post sa Facebook nang dahil lang sa isang putapeteng troll. Hindi rin malayong mapapa-amin ako sa mga relatives ko kung ano ang nangyari sa FB account ko at naglaho bigla. I do not want to get into trouble with my relatives just because I got involved in an online altercation with a fuckwit named Xandro Gomes.
He used to be very fucking active in posting his shit on Kapuso Warriors page, creating multiple accounts, creating fake accounts/pages and naming it under his oppenents’ names. I was one of his opponents whose yet another FB account was created using my real name (and wrongly spelled too! Hahahaha!) and spew his shit, as if I am calling myself out na pokpok ako, pakangkang ako, pa-kwarto ako, at paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi na bagsak ako sa LET, repeater ako sa school at sa board exam which, unfortunately, not true at all. I cannot call myself a chaste person, but I am not that desperate to earn big bucks thru selling my tits, pussy and ass to any guy looking for a ‘bang’. He keeps on creating fake accounts on his opponents’ names and unfortunately for him, lagi naman naliligwak sa FB.

His last post was November 4th. Wala nang naging ganap sa kanya since then.
You want to check his pages? Feel free to take a peek as you wish!
> https://www.facebook.com/Alessandro-193222567752213
> https://www.facebook.com/RoxyBagsakSaLET/?fref=ts
> https://m.facebook.com/UKfighter/?rc=p&ref=opera_speed_dial
> https://m.facebook.com/Jopay-Sipsipida-dila-Kuskos-325351311167437/
> https://www.facebook.com/KapusoWarriorsKamuningChapter/?hc_location=ufi

He has no longer been updating his pages above since November 4th.

Meanwhile, the following below are the pages he created, which has long been banned by Facebook.

> https://www.facebook.com/Xandro-Gomes-340266799643769/?fref=ts
> https://www.facebook.com/Ro-an-Montesor-de-Guzman-562113653996154/
> https://www.facebook.com/queenbaboykills
> https://www.facebook.com/ChakapusoPH/

Oh well, as I promised, I will share the screenshots of his baloney on FB…screenshot_20161021-172619 screenshot_20161021-172655 screenshot_20161024-054655 screenshot_20161031-195048 screenshot_20161101-072139 screenshot_20161101-072147 screenshot_20161101-145123 screenshot_20161104-071831 screenshot_20161104-071839 screenshot_20161104-072136 screenshot_20161104-173906 14009786_1428775693816351_1140287594_n-png 13882404_1173497449380122_1325504779893763221_n 14009786_1428775693816351_1140287594_n-png

Please note the real spelling of my name is Ro-An Montesor De Guzman, and if you happened to see the name Ro-an Montessor de Guzman on few of the screenshots, it would be easy for you to know that it is a sure fake page.

Well, napagod na rin siguro utak niya bago pa man din ma-release ng PRC ang results ng LET September 2016. Well, let’s wait and see what will happen next in the next few months if he will resurface again of FB and rant his shit.

So far, this might be the last rant about him. If there will be more rants I will be doing about him, I will be doing it on this alter-ego page Roxy Walburga LeStrange.


My apologies, this page might turn into a rant venue

I am truly sorry for not being able to post anything on this blog for a very long time. Masyado lang ako na-busy sa work and sa FB page ko.

For those who have been following me on my FB page, you already know I have been into trouble with a Kapamilya lunatic troll named Xandro Gomes, and you’ll know what I am talking about, especially when you happened to be frequent visitor of Kapuso Warriors page. I highly recommend you guys to ask the admins of Kapuso Warriors page if you want to know more about Xandro Gomes and the multiple accounts he created simply for the purpose of destroying people who attacked him on Kapuso Warriors page. You can also consult the likes of Agane Fhey Soriano, Emil Sanchez Cruz, Denmark Estremos, Komi, or any LEGIT KAPUSO fan on the said FB page so you can have more idea about him. No need to worry because I will be briefing you of what kind of troll Xandro is, and I will be showing you a lot of screenshots I captured from his pathetic page he has been creating.

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GMAAC and APT/Eat Bulaga, would mind to offer an explanation?

credits to FashionPulis.com for this screenshot

credits to FashionPulis.com for this screenshot

Note: I am a Kapuso fan, as you all know. Also, eventhough I don’t bother watching any kind of TV shows nowadays out of laziness, laking Eat Bulaga ako simply because the said show does not fail to amaze me on lunchtime. They do not need to resort to cheap antics just to be the talked about and garner ratings.

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Shoutouts to a Kapamilya pindot agent who stalks our FB accounts.


Stay away from Facebook and, up to the extent, the entire cyberspace if you happened to be a PSYCHOPATH!

You have no right to be in front of your computer screen and infest different accounts and pages on Facebook, even if your ego was hugely blown by your opponent. Even if you are merely working as “pindot agent” for a living, it is still not right being cunty and infest their timeline with your comments with repetitive words.

Post-Nesting musings

[Warning: Blogwrite contains some Tagalog words/expressions]

I am currently celebrating my 4th month in Stellar BPO, it’s just that, I am very happy that I just survived the training and nesting phase in their utilities campaign, Simply Energy. Prior to that, I was turning two months of service for its airline account, Jetstar, from the date of my endorsement to production. While I am not yet a regular employee, I must say, I am happy because it is in Stellar where I experienced having the opportunity to be laterally-transferred, something I never had with the likes of IBM-Daksh or even Transcom.

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#CallCenterBPOTalk: Things that lies beneath higher salary

Credits to Ace Aguirre via Facebook

Credits to Ace Aguirre via Facebook

Earlier this morning, I saw this photo with caption written by Ace Aguirre on Facebook. Whether you guys believe it or not, his post is an eye-opener.

I already worked for 10 years. Salary was growing since year one, however cost of living grew as well and most of the time higher than my annual increase (be it merit, promotion or transfer to another company).

This illustration is an eye-opener. Most of the time, we look at salary as it is and fail to consider the cost of going to work (fare, food, vitamins, coffee to keep you awake, etc.). For most businessmen, this is overhead cost.

I computed mine before, sad but true, I can relate to this. This is the reason why I see to it that I always have other sources of income. Other sources where I am paid my real worth.

Figures don’t lie. Compute yours.

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