Post-Nesting musings

[Warning: Blogwrite contains some Tagalog words/expressions]

I am currently celebrating my 4th month in Stellar BPO, it’s just that, I am very happy that I just survived the training and nesting phase in their utilities campaign, Simply Energy. Prior to that, I was turning two months of service for its airline account, Jetstar, from the date of my endorsement to production. While I am not yet a regular employee, I must say, I am happy because it is in Stellar where I experienced having the opportunity to be laterally-transferred, something I never had with the likes of IBM-Daksh or even Transcom.

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#CallCenterBPOTalk: Things that lies beneath higher salary

Credits to Ace Aguirre via Facebook

Credits to Ace Aguirre via Facebook

Earlier this morning, I saw this photo with caption written by Ace Aguirre on Facebook. Whether you guys believe it or not, his post is an eye-opener.

I already worked for 10 years. Salary was growing since year one, however cost of living grew as well and most of the time higher than my annual increase (be it merit, promotion or transfer to another company).

This illustration is an eye-opener. Most of the time, we look at salary as it is and fail to consider the cost of going to work (fare, food, vitamins, coffee to keep you awake, etc.). For most businessmen, this is overhead cost.

I computed mine before, sad but true, I can relate to this. This is the reason why I see to it that I always have other sources of income. Other sources where I am paid my real worth.

Figures don’t lie. Compute yours.

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#ShareOfTheDay: Call Center/BPO industry application experiences

For those who have known me since my days, as well as checking my Roxy On a Beastmode FB page, it is no longer new to you guys that I have been into Call Center/BPO industry for 8 years now. Some may raise eyebrows upon me because I have been into this industry and never got promoted, and some may lambast my grammar construction. However, despite the fact that I have never been promoted, I am still proud to say I am still in this industry for eight years now and still feeling GR8 (great)! I never had any qualms as to not being promoted, and besides, it is one’s choice if he/she wants to be promoted, apart from the fact that it’s the competencies and attitudes counts. I am not the only one who has been into this industry for a couple of years and never been promoted, nor thought of applying for Internal Job Post. Before you shame me, accusing me of “sugar-coating”, some of you should ask yourselves if are you happy with the current position you are right now? Or you just wanna get off this industry and start a new life?

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An ignorant and defrocking post from some Call Center Veteran (Team Leader, actually!)….

FB_IMG_1459612455357 FB_IMG_1459613551801

[Warning: This blogwrite contains Tagalog words]

… and the saying “Think before you post-and-click” must be realized by those who are in managerial positions in Call Center/BPO industry in the Philippines.

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After a long…long…long…long…break from blogging…

It’s been almost two months since my last post. Anyway, whenever I have my long hiatus from blogging, I would like to extend my apology for not being able to post anything on my WordPress blog. I am sorry guys for leaving you bored. There are a couple of things happened to me since I had my last day at BackOffice Inc. after its bread-and-butter, TigerDirect — the account where I belong — finally pulled out from the company and despite having my service ended there, I was still feeling a great deal of stress which resulted from the mindfucking changes occured on our account since March 2015.

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Thoughts from the workstation: Dear customers….

Dear Customers:

I DO NOT think IT IS HARD to check/inspect the item from the time you receive the item, and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check the item right after you receive the item to see any defects or damages. To set your expectations, NO RETAIL COMPANY will give you the chance to return the item for refunds or exchanges greater than 30 days of purchases, and if you let the item stay without checking it, do not expect that your demands will be given consideration by any retail company.

Too bad, you are from the United States. I am from the Philippines. I am a customer too, but as a customer, I also do my part in checking any kind of purchase I make to make sure if the item is okay or not. We both hail from different cultures, but cultural differences does not excuse anyone from being lazy enough to check the item. You guys maybe more busy than I do, but still, NO EXCUSES. It is all about RESPONSIBILITY. It is also our shared responsibility to check the item right away to ensure the quality so that in case of damages or defects, a return can be set up as long as within 30 days of purchase. Aaaaaaaand, it is also our shared responsibility to CHECK RETURN POLICY thru website or calling over the Phone, and if you call, please be open-minded enough of what the agent advises you, especially on some items deemed unreturnable due to reasons such as consummability. If you keep on ranting and impose what you want, do not expect even an iota of patience/tolerance from an agent.

I have more to rant than this. In the meantime, when it comes to returning an item, I guess, this is not too much to ask, right?