The #MaglulupaSerye fiasco

I have not written much on this blog since I have been spending so much time on Facebook. If you have been following my page, you will notice that post related to #MaglulupaSerye has been fast-performing than my #ALDUB-related posts.

I would like to let you know guys that I am still not left out from any kind of current issues — from political to social media. As for the #MaglulupaSerye, I was just told about this by one of my colleagues in our company, and once you read my related posts there, it will show you that I am siding with #AnetteLM. Below are the links of my posts:

MaglulupaSerye 1



I even created my own version similar to Etiquette for the Mistresses, and this time, the target is mostly new girlfriends who are having the same situation like that of Phoebe Alison’s. Well, we all know that AnetteLM is not married to Jomer Escobar, but since there was no official closure on their relationship when Phoebe Alison entered into a relationship, and she happens to be he new girlfriend so I guess Phoebe should know her place well, and she should know her boyfriend well as so as his ex-girlfriend other than being a single parent. Phoebe, IMHO, has no right to shame Anette being a single mom. It will not make her virgin at all. If I know, Phoebe had a lot of “experiences” prior to meeting Jomer, so she should shut her whore mouth despite the sarcasm she got from Anette. Bakit pa kasi panay ang like ni Phoebe sa page ni Anette, sa mga pictures nung sila pa ni Jomer?

Now, Phoebe and Jomer is now earning a lot of bashing from the netizens so yeah, they have since deactivated their accounts. I don’t think they are making themselves safe. It shows, particularly Phoebe, that they do not have the courage to face their bashers. Paula Jamie Salvosa (Amalayer) faced her bashers. Pastillas Girl faced her bashers. Tommy Esguerra/Miho Nishiida faced their bashers. Robert Carabuena faced his bashers. Mich Liggayu still went ahead and continue her famewhoring, right after she explained her side after being bashed by netizens for being a cheater and a user. Maine Mendoza faced her bashers and instead of deactivating her twitter account, she went ahead and had her vacay in Japan. If you are going to ask me what if I am on the same shit as with Phoebe, well, I will not deactivate my account. I will rather block and do my own shit on my FB. Another thing, if I happened to be the new girlfriend, I will not be as controlling to my boyfriend like what Phoebe is doing and throw my crap on Anette.

I would rather recommend you guys to read the convo of Senyora Santibanez and AnetteLM for you to understand the situation better, rather than contenting yourselves on some limited screenshots you see on FB and Google. It was amazing how AnetteLM was still cool with the banter of Senyora about being “maglulupa” and how Senyora is interested in hiring Anette in Senyora’s hacienda. It is just a joke, after all.

I hate it when netizens are hypocritically ranting their asses as if it is cheap to vent on social media. I will not go hypocrite, and I use social media as a tool to vent my shit. That is my account after all, why should anyone tell me what to say? I don’t think you are concerned about my well-being. Mema lang?

Lastly, I am thankful for AnetteLM for sharing my posts on her FB account, and how she couraged herself to explain her side. We know she is confidently beautiful with a heart, and we applaud her because she sacrificed abroad opportunities just to be with the kids, and still manages to be very sexy despite having three kids. Now we see why Phoebe went insecure and went on bitch mode. Hahahaha!


Wazzup, homies?!

It’s been a year now since I took hiatus from blogging. I used to have a roxyisferox blog and, due to some violations I may have made, it was suspended, and failed to recover, and when I try to consolidate my previous posts there to any WordPress account I create, the new account experiences the same “curse”. I decided to let go of my roxyisferox blog. I even attempted to create my tumblr account but I suddenly ended up not being able to write and manage it as time goes by. My last post was like, whopping 9 months ago, and it is all about lambasting Kris Aquino and her yet another egotistic post. Just a report from comedybred, actually!

Then, I have been busy working and studying started June last year. Yes, folks! I was taking Continuing Professional Education at the Marikina Polytechnic College for the whole school year 2014-2015. I took first 9 units (3 subjects) on first semester (subjects such as Foundations of Education, Curriculum Development and Assessment of Learning) then the remaining 9 on second semester (3 subjects — Educational Psychology, Career Guidance and Counseling and Methods of Teaching). I was thinking of teaching as my fallback career in case I will leave the Call Center industry, and for me to be able to take Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) by Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), I need to take at least 18 units of education-related subjects. Last week, I just signed up at Carl Balita Review Center for LET review, looking forward to focus on my review as well as the examination day, which is scheduled on September 27.

Well, I cannot make any promises if I will continuously writing and managing my blog because aside from my work at BackOffice Incorporated as Sales Chat Support Representative, LET review will also make me busy as I need to store every information I learn onto my mind needed for the E-day. Also, I am thinking of taking Civil Service Examination as well so that I can finally work in a government-owned office. I am glad to learn that despite lambastments I am throwing on the current government we have as well as the kind of society we have in the Philippines, I am glad that there is no age discrimination to take those exams and to work in a government office, something that private institutions can learn a thing or two. You know guys, in the Philippines, age discrimination in private-owned companies is rampant as hell. While BPO/Call Center industry does not bear age and gender discrimination, I do not think I can work there forever. I cannot forever endure forcing myself to go nocturnal for job’s sakes and the possibilities of not getting any retirement benefits when I reach 60.

Again, I am back! I will do the best that I can in keep on posting on this blog and wish me luck on my upcoming exams.