#ShareOfTheDay: Call Center/BPO industry application experiences

For those who have known me since my RoxyIsFerox.com days, as well as checking my Roxy On a Beastmode FB page, it is no longer new to you guys that I have been into Call Center/BPO industry for 8 years now. Some may raise eyebrows upon me because I have been into this industry and never got promoted, and some may lambast my grammar construction. However, despite the fact that I have never been promoted, I am still proud to say I am still in this industry for eight years now and still feeling GR8 (great)! I never had any qualms as to not being promoted, and besides, it is one’s choice if he/she wants to be promoted, apart from the fact that it’s the competencies and attitudes counts. I am not the only one who has been into this industry for a couple of years and never been promoted, nor thought of applying for Internal Job Post. Before you shame me, accusing me of “sugar-coating”, some of you should ask yourselves if are you happy with the current position you are right now? Or you just wanna get off this industry and start a new life?

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An ignorant and defrocking post from some Call Center Veteran (Team Leader, actually!)….

FB_IMG_1459612455357 FB_IMG_1459613551801

[Warning: This blogwrite contains Tagalog words]

… and the saying “Think before you post-and-click” must be realized by those who are in managerial positions in Call Center/BPO industry in the Philippines.

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After a long…long…long…long…break from blogging…

It’s been almost two months since my last post. Anyway, whenever I have my long hiatus from blogging, I would like to extend my apology for not being able to post anything on my WordPress blog. I am sorry guys for leaving you bored. There are a couple of things happened to me since I had my last day at BackOffice Inc. after its bread-and-butter, TigerDirect — the account where I belong — finally pulled out from the company and despite having my service ended there, I was still feeling a great deal of stress which resulted from the mindfucking changes occured on our account since March 2015.

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Rants at my workstation #1

[Note: These were just randomly ranted back on the 17th of November 2015]

As of this time, I am pissed off with some of our customers who could not accept any kind of explanation, especially when you are working for a retail campaign, and the supplier happens to be a dropshipper. I hate disclosing things but if the supplier of a certain item happens to be the dropshipper, it takes looooong for them to process the order before shipping as the response time of some of the dropshippers are really long, especially if you file a case to them — like status of shipping, return authorizations, cancellations etc.

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Review: Chevy Burgers – Calumpang, Marikina

[Note: This was originally drafted back on the 12th of April, 2015]

Photo credits to DigitalBrew

I have started exploring promising Burger joints (which are about to be recognized by the mainstream market) back in the late 2013 — the date when I first visited Zark’s Burgers in Eastwood City-Libis and from the time I tasted Zark’s, it made me dissed the Quarter Pounder of McDonald’s even more. #Realtalk naman kasi, hindi mukhang quarter pounder ang Quarter Pounder ng McDo. It’s more like a eighth or tenth pounder. A year later, I tried Mama Chit’s, then Chef Boyong’s and their big-size burgers are even bigger than the quarter pounder of McDo.

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The inception of ALDUB library and the pride I felt for it

It was on October 24, 2015 when “Tamang Panahon” concert was held at Philippine Arena, where 50,000 spectators gathered together to witness Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards as well as the triplet lolas — Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola), Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo) and Lola Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) and the rest of the Eat Bulaga hosts joining together — to celebrate the most-celebrated loveteam of the year being given the “right time” by Lola Tidora as part of the KalyeSerye story flow. The concert itself is also for the benefit of the selected schools for which the ALDUB Library will be constructed for. Prior to the ALDUB library project, Eat Bulaga, thru its Juan for all All for Juan segment, has been doing a “Plastic ni Juan” project which involves collection of empty plastic bottles from donators to be recycled and create monobloc chairs for public schools. Eat Bulaga has also introduced EB Scholarship program that offers scholarships to the financially poor but deserving students a couple of years ago.

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#HoaxOfTheDay: “Bubwit” in a Starbucks Frap!

Note: I was supposed to post this rant on my FB page because I was sharing a link from Marco Carlo Calibara, who happens to be an former Starbucks employee. However, it appears that Facebook is not working well as of the moment, so allow me to post my rants here.

(Warning: Written in Tagalog/Filipino Language)


Actually, nakita ko na ‘yung #Starbucks #Daga #Fiasco a day or two ago via FashionPulis (http://www.fashionpulis.com/2016/01/customer-claims-mouse-found-in-coffee.html). I even watched the video as well as comments written by FP commenters there. I agree with what they have stated — I think that a small rat in a Starbucks drink is just merely a hoax. Not just with the commenters of FashionPulis but also with #MarcoCarloCalibara, who happened to be the former Starbucks employee, and he even gave his fierce, brutal commentary on a certain complainant named “Jessica”, even labeling her as one of the abusive customers that Starbucks usually has.

Hindi ako maka-Starbucks. Maka-The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ako, pero I don’t think there will be any negligient Starbucks barista who would let a small rat to jump onto the cup or to the blender. Kita nga din sa picture mismo, BUONG-BUO ‘yung bubwit. Tapos ‘yung Frappucino mismo, halos nangalahati. In the first place dapat, nalasahan na ng babae ‘yung daga eh. Kaso hinantay pa niya na mangalahati ‘yung frap eh.

First, kung may tumalon na bubwit sa blender, dapat in the first place durog-durog na ‘yung bubwit. May dugo-dugo pa dapat na ‘yung frap, and dapat inaksyunan na ng barista ‘yan. Papalitan na dapat iyan. Isa pa, hindi “closed area” ang pinaggagawaan ng mga barista dun, kaya bawat gawin ng mga barista sa frap nila, kitang-kita. Tawa nga ako kay Marco sa statement niya na “Sabihin nating na blend yung bubwit, Sana nagmistulang Red Velvet Frappuccino with Kellogs ( additional inclusion yung buto-buto) yung drink mo sa dugo nun!”. Kung ganun nga, dapat na-notice na ng naghuhumitad na “Jessica” ‘yung kakaibang itsura ng frap.

Second, ‘yung kung tumalon na ‘yung bubwit sa cup na may blended frap. Kapag may nag-dive na bubwit sa kahit anong inumin, pipiglas ‘yun, trying to get their asses up and run for their lives. Therefore, kung pagka-dive ng daga, patay agad? Tao nga hindi namamatay agad pagka-dive eh. Daga pa kaya.

So therefore, it is either nainuman na ni “Jessica” ‘yung frap, naiwang bukas ang frap at may naka-dive na daga; OR, sinadya nilang lagyan ng daga ang frap at manghingi ng compensation. Since there are #AbusiveCustomers, ganyan din ang galawan ng mga abusive customers na gaya ni “Jessica” —- creating pranks of any sort para lang masabing may defect ang product, damaged na nakarating ang item etc., para lang makakuha ng compensation. Kung pooritang natural si “Jessica”, sa ibang paraan na lang siya gumawa ng ganyan, huwag sa ganyang ka-cheapan. Potah! Eh yung iPhone nga niya pwede nang idurog sa Vitamix or BlendTec ng Starbucks eh. Hahaha!

Lastly, constant insisting at how you barfed non-stop IS NOT ENOUGH to support your claim. If you felt that you were inconvenienced at how Starbucks served your frappucino, you better go see your doctor and have yourself checked. Kung magpapa-interview ka ineng, hindi lang medical certificate, inimbitahan mo din pati doktor na nag-check-up sa iyo. Isama mo pa ang buong Starbucks crew para mas masaya! Kung hindi mo magagawa iyan “Jessica”, we netizens will simply dismiss your case as just another senseless whining and abusive prank just like any abusively foolish and delusional customers can do.

As customers of Starbucks, the best thing that you can do is, after you pay for your drink, better observe the Starbucks baristas properly. It is also your shared responsibility na tutukan ang bawat kilos ng empleyado. Ako nga, kapag nagpapagawa ako ng cellphone or ng computer, tutok ako sa ginagawa ng mga technician, nang masiguro kong maayos ang pagkakagawa. Kung may responsibility ang mga crew, clerk, ahente atbp., mas may responsibilidad kayo. Do your part, whining bitches!

Naghahamon ako ng babasa ng commentary ko at ng commentary ni Marco. Hinahamon ko si “Jessica” pati ang mga supposed “supporters” niya. ‘Yun ay kung, may susuporta sa kanya!