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Pastillas Girl’s ambush interview is a “SHOTS FIRED” to It’s Showtime!

Video Courtesy of PEP.ph on Youtube.

[Update: I just made a shoutout on my Facebook page about Pastillas Girl’s ambush interview by PEP and even attached the posting of Lady Gagita’s bad experience with It’s Showtime. Feel free to check on this]

A month ago, I have posted on my Facebook page sharing my condolences to Angelica Jane Yap (known as “Pastillas Girl“) after her mother, Maria Tereza Hernandez, was shot to death and died last December 7, and I expressed my apologies to Angelica for bashing her. I must admit, I should have been matured enough to realize that it is not entirely Angelica’s fault as she was merely being used by It’s Showtime to save their pathetic show from shameful single-digit ratings. While I still pity on her for the whole Pastillas segment ordeal, and happy that she finally has a contract with Viva Entertainment, she should have lived in an ordinary life and do her job right in a Call Center. For those who are not aware, she used to be a Call Center Agent at VXI (and I assume it is in Muñoz branch) so I am guessing that her stint with the said company involves mainly on agent jobs and she may not have been promoted because someone should attest on her behalf in case she got promoted to at least, Subject Matter Expert position.

[Side Note: I hate to admit guys, I have never been promoted in my 8-year stint in the Call Center/BPO industry in 5 different companies, but I had my share of a point in my life that I did my job really great that is why I topped the CSAT metric on February 2011, and I was one of the perfect-scorers in QA last December and got a reward on a raffle. I think I will be writing about my life in this industry on a separate post.]

Hindi lahat siguro masasanay sa trabahong Call Center/BPO, and you all know what  are the different things entailed in working in the Call Center/BPO industry, but comparison to becoming artista, still, working in the said industry would be better. If you want a normal, private life that is not hounded by fans/antis/intrigeros/entertainment writers/chismosos, a stable job and an income, a job that won’t render you like a dimwit, more sleep hours, lesser presure, then better be a Call Center employee than being an artista. Sure, the talent fee you will receive as an artista/celebrity ain’t a joke, but if you only receive meager projects, endorsements, modeling jobs, then better think of how you will save your money because it will go away quickly kung magbubuhay hari/reyna ka or mag-buhay social climber (ang hard!). Today you have a project, the next day you don’t. At least sa Call Center/BPO industry, ang level na ma-eexploit ka hindi kasing-tindi ng sa entertainment industry na dadating ka sa point na you will be forced to show what needs NOT to be shown or worst, you have to make-out with any executive just to get a project or to be a star.

I personally do not think that Call Center work is a no-brainer because your accent involuntarily IMPROVES over the course of time as well as your spontaneity in ENGLISH language , your vocabulary WIDENS, your level of understanding different English accents from all parts of the world STRENGTHENS, your attitude TOUGHENS, your knowledge in almost everything will make you a GOD, and the more the different companies and campaigns you work with, the more the knowledge and experience you garner. You may not exactly grow professionally, but you grow internally. Hindi mo na kelangang pumunta ng Amerika para malaman mo kung ano’ng klaseng tao ang mga Amerikano dahil kausap mo na sila, malalaman mo na ang pag-uugali nila, paano sila magsalita sa iyoKaya kung may Call Center experience ka na at may naka-encounter ka nang Amerikano, Briton, Australyano, Canadian, Indiano o kahit na ano pang lahi pa iyan, hindi ka tipikal na Pinoy na mukhang tanga kapag nakakita ng dayuhan. Just make your imagination grow. Kung ako tatanungin niyo, siyempre, napapatingin ako sa mga dayuhan pero hindi ako ‘yung tipong lalapit sa isang dayuhan na para akong nakakita ng anghel at kakaibiganin ko. Para saan pa ‘yun, aber?

Kung hindi mag-sho-showbiz si Angelica, then it is even well and good for her. Hindi ako naghahangad ng masama kay Angelica, ‘yung nga lang, sinabi niya na hindi siya sanay na ma-bash, hindi na lang siya nag-artista. Kung magpapakita siya na nagpapa-awa, lalamunin lang siya ng buhay ng mga bashers. Ang malas lang ni Angelica, after all the Mr. Pastillas shenanigans, she was not given any project by Kapamilya network, not even a hosting part in a show. ‘Binugaw’ na nga siya, hindi pa siya nabigyan ng pagkakataon to showcase her talent and anything that makes her worthy of respect.

So, balik tayo sa interview niya. Okay, hindi niya intention na ilaglag ang It’s Showtime but natuwa lang talaga ang Kapuso at ALDUBNation fans sa ginawa niya kasi, the interview served as “the best dish served cold” to ABS-CBN and It’s Showtime. At the back of my mind, I think this is the random moment I was waiting to happen para lang lalong mapahiya ang It’s Showtime. This interview just reminded ABS-CBN and It’s Showtime once again that KARMA IS A BITCH, since hindi lang naman si Angelica ang na-hopia ng It’s Showtime. Kung kilala ninyo si Vinzon Leojay Booc, or Lady Gagita — the well-known Lady Gaga impersonator — well, siya din na-hopia at nabastos ng It’s Showtime. Below is his vented frustration against the show:

Okay, as much as I’d like not to post it because I might sound desperate but I just want to share my sentiment regarding a worst scenario with me and a staff from “It’s Showtime”. Someone called me yesterday and asked if we could guest on the show as “Pabebe Warriors” and they also asked if we could try to find the real pabebe girls for a so-called “showdown”. So me and my boyfriend Raymond searched for the girls on the internet and I even talked to some of their friends and their fathers as well to ask permission for the girls. And after I got all their contact details, I forwarded everything to the staff. The next day, in hopes for some good news, I asked for an update and the staff replied “Mukhang malabo na.” I actually don’t want to rant but after all the efforts of helping them contact the girls, I didn’t got any apology after the cancellation of the guesting. I feel like we’ve been used in order for them to get in contact with the girls. Alam kong wala akong karapatan kasi hndi naman kami ang orihinal, pero bilang isa sa mga nagpasikat uli ng pabebe girls, I think that we don’t deserve to be treated like that.

Tatratuhin ka na lang na parang TAE o BASURA matapos kang pakinabangan. Putang-Inang buhay nga naman ano?

Natuwa naman ako kay Angelica when she stated how she recognized Maine Mendoza‘s magnanimous rise to fame. The way she answered is something that is not scripted. She innocently answered all the questions thrown by PEP.ph so yeah, she did not answer those words para lang maging relevant ulit. Kahit nga siya mismo, she was kinda’ relunctant to the idea of her being pitted against Yaya Dub, kasi nga “… si Yaya Dub ‘yan, ‘eh!“. Siguro nga, Maine is overrated as fuck to the haters and to the elitist showbiz spectators, wala pang masyadong napapatunayan sa acting or even singing, hindi pa siya multi-awarded. Unfortunately, can you blame a person for being fucking lucky enough to achieve success thru love team with Alden Richards? Can you blame a girl for being fucking charming enough?

I am glad that Angelica is now being handled by Viva and most probably, she will be under TV5 and I am one of the hopefuls for her na sana, magka-project siya at mag-improve sa craft niya. Another thing I could wish for her is to never lose herself. Men will come and go, so do friends and family, fame and money. So never lose yourself since that is the only thing you can have in the end. (Credits to Helen Gamboa’s quote in the movie Etiquette for the Mistresses). Bata pa si Angelica, so ang daming opportunities na naghihintay sa kanya. Huwag niya sayangin ang sarili niya sa mga bagay na, in the end, papaiyakin lang siya. Kung kelangang magtapos siya ng pag-aaral, magtapos siya so in the event na hindi na siya artista, at least she is in a broadcasting job that requires you to have completed a 4-year course. Pwede siya as associate sa isang department, or manager or executive. There is more to life than just becoming a celebrity.

Maine Mendoza is now best actress. It’s about time to shut your whore mouth then, huh?

Guys, I have so many posted things related to #ALDUB, so I highly recommend you guys to start checking my FB page dating back to September 2015 moving forward, and you will know guys I am into ALDUB and I am a proud #ALDUBNation citizen, and an ALDUB Warriors member.

Fast-forward to Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 and despite all the efforts made by ABS-CBN to make Beauty and the Bestie top the box office, still, My Bebe Love is still leading the box office, though Kapamilya claims Beauty and the Bestie as #1… and all thanks to the ticket-swapping and credit grabbing shit. Somehow, I wouldn’t give a shit if Beauty and the Bestie hits #1 for as long as Kapamilya bitches should recognize that My Bebe Love is fucking competent enough in box office. They must be fucking sick if they still claim it FLOPS, eventhough the movie itself is a major product placement.

Story-wise, My Bebe Love is somehow a failure, but Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai delas Alas proves that they are still the comedy powerhouse. Of course, some floozies claim that their comedy style is too old; unfortunately, their flavor of comedy — alongside the likes of Michael V — never goes out of style. Throwing punchlines is such a laughtrip, but still, those things are only reserved on comedy bars. If there is anyone out there who consider’s Vice Ganda’s humor as “innovative” and “fresh”, then that person must be having insipid tastes as hell.

As for Maine Mendoza winning best supporting actress, and there are some ugly bitches whining about her victory, well she fucking deserves it. You have not watched the movie, so don’t assume that all she did is dubsmashing and making wacky faces. She proved herself that she is more than what you see her on Dubsmash, so in the movie, her role is your typical daddy’s girl. Her delivery of English lines is absolutely FLAWLESS, she struts herself REGALLY, and she is able to give anyone the new brand of BITCH FACE that is as cold and bitch as Blair Waldorf. Yeah, I am saying this because I am Maine’s fan. However, is there any Kapamilya actress out there can give the same bitch face, at least as bitch as Blair? I don’t think so, not even Julia Barretto.

[Side Note: You can question Maine’s English communication skills, and that everyone can do that. Unfortunately, even some Call Center workers speak differently when they are off-the-phone, and when I say “different”, they resort to their usual tagalog-speaking mode and when speaking English, they are not as neutralized as when they are on-the-phone and worse, ending up trying oh-so-hard sosyal. I am not generalizing though. I have been into this industry for 8 years now (in 5 companies) so I am able to tell y’all about my observations on different people working in Call Centers. There is a sheer difference between someone who has been exposed to English language since childhood (watching and reading English-based media, and speaking the language since childhood) than someone who has just honed his/her English after getting into Call Center/BPO industry. Also, there is a sheer difference between someone who thinks and speaks STRAIGHT english than someone who thinks and speaks only KONYO english. Gets?

Therefore, English is NOT our first language. It is just that Maine is just as articulate as fuck, which, I could not see the same articulation from young TV personalities of her age that I see on TV. Hindi lahat maibibigay talag ng Kapamilya network ano?]

And just because I am glorifying Maine, does not mean I am dissing Meryl Soriano or Iza Calzado. I have high respects for the latter two actresses, and I do not question their ability. And if it is true that, according to speculation, Kapamilya — with the collaboration of MMFF officials — made Maine Mendoza to win so she can be bashed, well, they did it wrong. They did not succeed. And for those who claim they are “fans” of ALDUB ending up bashing Maine Mendoza for her win, they are not true fans. A true fan does not pretend doing all the realtalk. A true fan should be happy with her idol’s victory.

Another thing, Maine is getting more awards —- ditching the dubious Push Awards and Rawr Awards by LionHearTV — including Gintong Kabataan and Catholic Social Media Awards, plus getting more and more endorsements. Shea Arender of Broadway productions even invited Maine Mendoza to be in Broadway. I guess, it is enough for her haters — particularly Kapamilyatards — to shut their whore mouth and get their shit together.

Feel free to check my lengthy shoutouts on this FB page below.

Some intro writing about Maine Mendoza and Aldub

(Warning: some words and phrases are expressed in Tagalog)

I have previously told you guys that I have not written almost anything on this blog while I have been actively posting shoutouts on my Facebook page. If you have been visiting my Facebook page, you will notice that I have written a lot of stuff related to ALDUB (Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza) — the undisputably phenomenal love team of the year, and when I say “undisputable”, they are simply PHENOMENAL and that’s
#realtalk. I will not gonna deny, I am a fan of them, and just like the rest of my fellow AlDub fans (though unofficial to ALDUB Nation and ALDUB Warriors), I keep myself up-to-date with everything about Alden and Maine. I am getting more friends, getting more likes on my FB page though it still failed to reach 100 likes (I write to express, not to sensationalize to get likes), and lucky enough because I have friends in previous and present work who share the same admiration to AlDub as I do. I have seen Maine NOT on Dubsmash, but on one of the videos being posted by Senyora Santibañez on her FB page, a capture actually, of a video of Juan for All, All for Juan, with Wally Bayola dubsmashing pabebe warriors until I got to know her
more on FashionPulis, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, even up to her blog.

When I got to find out Maine is actually Kapamilya by heart, she does not frustrate me. When I got to find out the screenshots of her Twitter account — from her penchance to Kapamilya-related shows, to the swear words she posted years ago — it did not frustrate me either. I am a Kapuso, and Maine being Kapamilya does not frustrate me. I am the only Kapuso, while my mom, dad, two sisters are Kapamilya (bunso is absolutely neutral). Nagpapakatotoo lang naman si Maine nang HINDI NAMAN NIYA KELANGAN IPANGALANDAKAN ng paulit-ulit. When I analyze her personality, while she is being actually nice and humble, she has her share of mood swings just like my idol Marian Rivera. If there will be any accounts of her mood swings and snub moments, I will not be surprised. The only thing I expect from her is, she should stay the same Maine Mendoza like her friends and the rest of the world knew. I am not expecting her to take herself to the next level, like grabbing more teleserye projects, album, etc. I am not expecting her to be seen with some so-called “famous” people. I do not want Maine Mendoza, alongside Alden Richards, to be corrupted by the showbiz culture
just like the most celebrities we see.

And just like Marian Rivera, she IS a degree holder, just that, Maine is an honor student at College of St. Benilde. (Side note: I am proud because the celebrities whom I admire the most are degree holders — Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Dingdong Dantes, Carla Abellana etc. Degree is not that always important, but it gives one a whole lotta’ extra miles in life. However, it would be much better if you have practiced what you have learned
once you graduate from college, and if I ever get the chance to have a one-on-one talk with her, I would rather encourage her to practice her profession, since she already had her OJT at The Sagamore in New York, USA.

If you happened to be in your teens and you are idolizing someone like Maine Mendoza, nakaka-proud, hindi ba? You are idolizing someone who is well-bred, well-educated, academically/intellectually competent, quiet but able to make you laugh your heart out. You will not regret idolizing someone like her, despite the shortcomings she has when it comes to talent department. I have been hearing some clips of her samples doing covers of some famous songs, just that it is still not yet verified if it is originally her voice. If she happens to sing, it may not be at par even with the likes of Nadine Lustre or Yassi Pressman. If she happens to dance, it may not be at par with the likes of Maja Salvador. However, still, despite some a little awkwardity (especially during the AlDub-Eat Bulaga sa Tamang Panahon last October 24), we cannot deny the fact that enjoyment is manifested from her aura. Her random antics is as funny as fuck without getting annoying. She simply does not fail to entertain everyone — people of all ages and gender.

Whenever she has the chance to talk, I can sense some relunctance from her. May pagka-mahiyain siya, and I do not question that. She is introvert, what do you expect? I am an introvert (and pessimist/optimist as well), so I can relate much with her. Also, you cannot expect that ALL ARTISTAS are EXTROVERT. Somehow, I think, it would be better if you are true-blue introvert that being just extrovert only on the surface, but off-cam is otherwise.

Anyway, there is a sheer difference between introvert and being a plain…cold…bitch; i.e., you can make yourself appear extrovert, as if you are bubbly and energetic in front of the camera but being attested to be a snob and cold bitch when not on the show. Meanwhile, you may be introvert, but not stingy enough to give even a simple nod/smile. I have been reading stories on both GirlTalk and PinoyExchange forums about few celebrities who appear to have a friendly and bubbly vibe on TV but such a cold bitch off-cam. I do not need to name such celebrities, but if you are going to bring up Marian Rivera on this thread, too bad, there are celebrities out there who are worse than her, and most of them is coming from a rival network. According to GTalkers of Female Network GirlTalk forums’ Celebrity Gabfest, a certain actress/TV host from a rival network who happens to be bubbly and energetic in front of the camera, but freakin’ cold and hard bitch off-cam — she, apparently shouted at her personal assistant, condescendingly told a waiter to make the baby stop the crying (on the other table) while dining at Chili’s, cold vibe manifested when visited a certain optical store when fitting shades, and when someone asks her for a picture, she quicksly turn her back and go away.

I think revealing your moody and introvert self should not be given a big deal. What should be given importance is that you are moody and introvert (with self-esteem issues to boot), but able to give a wave, a smile or a nod like it is free, and you do a great job at entertaining. Speaking of entertainment, sometimes, you do not need to be veeeeery exceptional at singing, dancing or even acting. You simply have to be natural at your comic antics like, you are not being conscious about looking ugly. However, there are exceptions, and Maine is one of them. Maine Mendoza, just like the pioneer lip-synchers Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill, entertains netizens on Youtube and later, Dubsmash. What’s more, she even does it together with her friends and Janeeva Verceles. I understand that not all of us find making wacky/ugly faces entertaining, but making wacky faces is NOT for everyone, because only 1 out of 100 people can do it EFFECTIVELY, and even the likes of Vice Ganda or Anne Curtis CANNOT DO IT REALLY WELL. Not only that, if you get to KNOW MOOOOORE ABOUT HER — such as reading her Tweets, the way she answers questions on Ask.fm, Instagram posts and her blog posts on mainemendoza.com — you will realize she has MOOOOOORE than what she can offer, because she is very expressive, eloquent writer. She may have tagalog slips on her posts, but stil, ends up rather witty, and if she happened to have cussed on Twitter, it does not appear to be palengkera (note: Just because you scream swear words, does not necessarily mean you are uncouth). She may be introvert but the way she writes her experiences and realizations, it appears really positive. Ganyan siya mag-isip. Hindi sabaw magsulat, and wala pa akong young stars na ka-edaran niya na ganyan ka-lalim mag-post.

Grammatically-correct. Well-written. Well-expressed. Well-constructed. Introspective. That’s the way she writes. Not pabebe.

Hindi naman niya hiningi o lumapit sa kahit anong talent agency or network na magka-career sa TV. Basta lang siya kinatok ng entertainment industry while she is busy assisting her parents at their businesses.

Well, this is what I can write as of the moment. I will look forward to writing more stuff about her, Alden Richards or AlDub as love team.